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"I write about some pretty obscure stuff, occasionally. David Mikeal (Boz's Co-Producer, Engineer and Co-Writer) looks at me like I have 6 heads sometimes! I can't help it, I want to take music further lyrically, and David has been always been able to match my intensity musically. So here you have these songs. Listen, and we hope the lyrical message and music will connect with you somehow..."



Tracks from Boz's newest release Karma Knows and Us' Oblivion are both here. We hope you enjoy what you hear, and will consider Telling-A-Friend.

If you do decide to purchase today, all CD's purchased from Island Estuary Music Publishing, Inc. (IE) include IE's own, unique Triple Spin Guarantee! Purchase and listen to our CD's three times through. If you are not 100% completely satisfied, return them to IE for a full and complete refund ( sorry, we cannot refund shipping and handling costs ).

At IE, we make Music That Matters and we want all our customers to be completely happy with the music we produce.

Exit Strategy (2011)
Island Estuary Music Publishing, Inc.

•  Mr. Music Man- Lyrics
•  Fields Of Green- Lyrics
•  I've Seen That Movie Too- Lyrics
•  Teacher- Lyrics
•  Rest Assured- Lyrics
•  Your Own Special Way- Lyrics
•  Halfway- Lyrics
•  Give 'Em A Hug- Lyrics
•  The Big "D"- Lyrics
•  True Spirit- Lyrics
•  Witold (Those Shoes)- Lyrics
•  Exit Strategy- Lyrics
•  You Must Believe- Lyrics
•  My Soul In Stillness Waits (Reprise)- Lyrics

Karma Knows (2007)
Island Estuary Music Publishing, Inc.

•  Home With You- Lyrics
•  How Long- Lyrics
•  Reconcile- Lyrics
•  Reservation- Lyrics
•  After All- Lyrics
•  Rhema- Lyrics
•  Forever- Lyrics
•  Thank You (In So Many Ways)- Lyrics
•  All About Us- Lyrics
•  Disciple- Lyrics
•  Par Avion- Lyrics
•  Martyrdom- Lyrics
•  Karma Knows- Lyrics
•  Women And Wine- Lyrics

Oblivion (2003)
Ravensbourne Records/Labels Enabled UK

•  Mr. Wonderful- Lyrics
•  Smoke and Mirrors- Lyrics
•  Apropos- Lyrics
•  Wait and See- Lyrics
•  If I Leave Here Today- Lyrics
•  Your Light- Lyrics
•  Enjoy The Joy- Lyrics
•  Zadik- Lyrics
•  Numbers- Lyrics
•  Oblivion- Lyrics

Home For Christmas - Single (2008)
Island Estuary Music Publishing, Inc.

•  Home For Christmas- Lyrics

Karma Knows
All Songs ©2002-2007 Island Estuary Music Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP) except (*,**,**)
All Rights Reserved ~ Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.
Island Estuary Music Publishing, Inc.
*©2000 LBR Music (ASCAP)
**©1985 Hit & Run Music Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP)
***©2000 Kitchen Table Records/Marty's Muse (ASCAP)

Exit Strategy

All Songs © ? 2011 Island Estuary Music Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP) except (*,**,***)
Produced by Dave Mikeal and Jeffrey Bosworth (Boz)
Recorded and Mixed by Dave Mikeal at Difference Studios, Winter Park, Florida (January 2008-August 2009)
Additional Recording of “You Must Believe” and “Exit Strategy” at KDS Music Studios, Orlando, Florida (January-June 2011)
Digitally Re-Mastered By Trace at Masterlab®, Orlando, Florida (June 2011)

*©1973 Universal – Songs Of Polygram International, Inc. (BMI) (I’ve Seen That Movie Too)
**©1977 Songs Of ImageM Music, LLC (BMI) (Your Own Special Way)
***©1982 GIA Publications, Inc. (ASCAP) (My Soul In Stillness Waits)