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Yes, Boz gets involved in this message board and answers as much as he can about the songs, Boz LIVE on I-Drive, The Equality Club, and so much more. Write something; let us know how you feel. We want to learn more about what's on your mind!Send-a-Message-to-Boz

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 Hey Boz!  Been on your website this morning Ė canít believe how awesome it is! I have the music player going in the background right now. Nice going. Denny

Posted By Dennis McGuire @ 10/10/2011

 Love it!  Boz- I have really enjoyed listening to the new CD! Keep up the great work! :o) S

Posted By Shannon Costello @ 9/8/2011

 you...  Is this really you Jeff? So cool!! Great stuff. I was touched immediately and the further I looked the more you I saw.

Posted By Lisa Figueiredo @ 12/2/2009

 Boz!  You are a Rock Star Stud ! Don't forget your little friends!

Posted By Steve Clapp @ 10/7/2008

 wassup?  hey boz-- incredible! when are you comin' up to Canada for a tour?

Posted By D @ 10/1/2008

 Your Video and Music  Boz, Great job with the video. I think you've got a real hit here! Where was the bridge scene filmed at? It looks almost like Merrill Park with the Little Wekiva running under it. Just curious. Keep up the good work and Good Luck. God Bless, Walt

Posted By Walt Gilfedder, Jr. @ 9/29/2008

 Your Re-Make Of Your Own Special Way  Oh man, seriously impressed. Here are my immediate thoughts on hearing it for the first time: - Your voice is beautiful. No other word for it. - Guitar is lovely, especially the solo - Keyboard twice plays a spine-tingling chord-change that is brief but brilliant - Arrangement is a little bland but I guess it was geared for a more mainstream market - Overall, it is a delicious version that puts your own spin on the song but respects the original. 9.5/10!

Posted By Neil Paul March @ 9/8/2008

 Magazine Article on the Boz  Hey, Jeff. I enjoyed the featured article on you in Central Florida-Lifestyle magazine. Best wishes with your work in our community.

Posted By Norm Stachura @ 9/5/2008

 Boz's Bandwagon  Congrats Boz! This is terrific! Keep us posted. Vito and Network Sound and Video

Posted By Vito Fera @ 9/3/2008

 Hey Boz...  Hey Jeff, It looks like things are going great for you. So glad to here it! I do like the song Home with you. Very well done. I hope life in general is good for you. Life is going well for me. Drop me a line when you can. Your friend, Robin

Posted By Robin Gallo @ 9/3/2008

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