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"Boz has always had a huge vision for his music which I've shared over these many years. He has demonstrated tremendous lyrical and arrangement skills and an incredible ability to create a harmonious songwriting atmosphere. Lord, can he be a pain in my ass sometimes, but when the spot lights went up, and we were up on stage giving it our all as one tight, kick-ass band, I knew Boz would carry Us through with his ability to get the crowd involved in almost anything we were playing.

Kris Skwire, Boz's Bass Player in Us, in a letter to The Performing Songwriter Magazine
July 2004

Below are links to our dear friends, people, places, sponsors, companies, whatever we love the most, we just keep adding them! Take some time to view their web sites and learn more. If you see something we should add, please send us Feedback!

Review You (.com)

We appreciate this review by Gary Hill of Review You (.com) and wanted to post here as we consider them great friends over the years for recognizing the hard work we put into our music. Thanks Gary!

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Lebira Films

Fabian Reyes and the team at Lebira Films have been incredible partners for years, and we sincerely appreciate everything they've done to help our organization. Log-on and check out their incredible work while you're here.

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ASCAP is its members — creative people who write the music and lyrics that enrich lives in every corner of the world. Boz is very proud to be a member of this incredible organization.

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Performing Songwriter Magazine

In 1993, Lydia Hutchinson founded PerformingSongwriter out of sheer love of music. Thirteen years later Performing Songwriter has grown into what it is today: a completely independent, smart, beautifully designed and widely distributed publication that informs and connects music makers with music lovers. Boz is a HUGE fan of Lydia's and Performing Songwriter!

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American Songwriter Magazine

American Songwriter Magazine is now in its 22nd year—continuing to cover every aspect of the craft and art of songwriting, from how and why writers give birth to their songs, to engaging and informative assessments of our songwriting culture as a whole.

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The National Music Publishers’ Association's (NMPA) mission is to protect, promote, and advance the interests of music’s creators. Boz is a proud member and true advocate of the NMPA.

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Positive Music Association

The Positive Music Association (PMA) is about enlightening the world through music. We’re about awakening people to their own brilliance and potential. We’re the musical expression of the shift that’s happening on the planet now.

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Trace Minerals

Trace Minerals Research (TMR) helps rebalance the body by reversing the effects of the water cycle. Instead of relying on the soil to provide all the minerals and trace elements we need, we headed to the shores of the Great Salt Lake. Our extensive offering of products provides a wealth of mineral essentials formulated to address specific health concerns. By cultivating our shores, we help restore the human body’s need for a balanced spectrum of minerals and trace elements.

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