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"Boz is probably the most genuine person I know. He's kind of a no-gray-area guy, but at least you know where you stand with him! When we signed his band Us in 2004, we knew we had something special. I've never met someone who works as hard as he does. With this solo record, I think he's outdone himself in terms of trying to drive home music that connects to the listener somehow. There are arrangements and melodies on this record you just won't find anywhere else. I'm proud to call him friend, and I know he feels the same."

Neil Paul March-President/CEO of Ravensbourne Records/Labels Enabled, UK

Boz was originally the front man for the Progressive Rock group " Us " whose record Oblivion was released on Ravenbourne Records/Labels Enabled in 2004 and continues to do very well in the UK and in Europe.

Us, formerly The Chosen Few (TCF) toured throughout the Southeast United States from 1997-2009 playing mainly festivals, upscale clubs, and corporate events: Anheuser Busch, IBM, General Motors etc. with tremendous success and positive reviews of their 16 piece show (which included female vocalists and full horn section!).

Boz says: "I thank God for that time of my life. Great players, great music and we were always playing; I mean sometimes 3-4 times per week! We made a lot of people happy with our music, whether it was cover and/or original music."

With his solo records, Boz's music has been hailed very spiritual but certainly not charismatic and/or Christian.

"I call it human . I try and write songs that can move people in some way or another, from a human aspect. I tend to focus in on one subject and do my best to learn as much as I can about it; in order to write more passionately. My hope is to connect with the listener somehow and have this music inspire them in some way.

My influences have always been great career artists like Peter Gabriel, Bruce Hornsby, Sting, Phil Collins, Mick Hucknall (Simply Red), Mike Rutherford (Genesis), Don Henley, Seal, Paul Carrack, Steely Dan (to name a few). I tend to stray a bit to the obscure. I think many of you will hear those influences in this music.

We, (David Mikeal and I) wrote some really nice radio-friendly tunes on my records ( Karma Knows and Exit Strategy ) and some other very personal "album" tunes that I am very fond of. In fact, I love all the tunes and certainly hope those listening to Karma Knows and Exit Strategy will too!

Boz continues to work with other songwriters in the Florida area (and beyond) and plans to complete the LIVE On I-Drive project in Orlando , and tour late in 2015 to support Karma Knows and Exit Strategy (Boz's album released in Fall of 2014.) .